Hosanna to the Enchantress

Thy mystic eyes are like a canvas lying in wait for only of the brightest colors of tradition ever to get divined.Thy soul, so pure unleashed from the heavens, gilded by the marvelous marbles of wraith and intimacy from the treasures of Cupid. Oh I smell the unearthly fragrance, the scent Dionysus craves for, the scent deer pants for. The more I try to escape the more I loose myself within the limbo of your eyes.

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Melancholic Melody

That’s when I realized nature has its own serenity. Often we try to mould nature according to our own needs, we expect it to exist upon our expectations. Maybe we don’t need to fight with it. Maybe we only require to keep our head out of the flow and breathe. But what do we do? We try to align with the society.

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Matter of Time

Obliviously we take ourselves too seriously. Not realizing we are born of the cosmic dust, the elements which came out of a dying star probably millions or even billions of years ago. We are orbiting an average star which in turn orbits around the centre of our galaxy with millions of others. Still we give our emotions the uttermost value.

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